Kaisentokojushijo - Omiya

When you think good sushi, a restaurant on top of a department store doesn't spring to thought as a likely place.

A day of shopping in Omiya at the Marui (0101) I noticed a small sushi bar on the 7th floor. Walking past the restaurant there are multiple billboards showing reasonably priced sushi and bento sets. What caught my attention though was the 3 sushi chefs behind the counter, each looking to be a young age of 70 with what I guessed as decades of experience. I wasn't wrong.

Taking a seat at the back of the restaurant as we had kids in tow, the staff mostly of the baby-boomer age took the role of mother-like friendly hospitality. We had just beat the lunch rush and noticed streams of patrons entering to enjoy the delicious sushi selection, with each receiving the tribe like chant of welcome from the chefs behind the bar.

The sushi set I ordered included a selection of favourite, including tuna, prawn, tamagoyaki, salmon roe and more. Accompanied by lightly battered and crisp tempura vegetables, scampi and white fish, and a house made miso soup. The sushi was truely delicious, perfectly cut and with just a hint of wasabi to the chef's taste. The rice was also superb, with a slight grip to the sashimi so that it didn't fall apart on the soy sauce dip. For about 900‎¥ the quality was exceptional.

Being Japan, sushi bars are in abundance with all price levels and experimentation options. This little gem will definitely see me on my next trip to Omiya.


7F 〒330-9501 Saitama Prefecture, さいたま市大宮区大宮区 桜木町2-3

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