Walking through Omiya station in Saitama, I noticed a gathering of commuters to the left of the walkway. This is unusual as the salarymen would normally push shoulder to shoulder to reach their platform. I was drawn like the others to join the large queue, like a heard of cattle moving to the next yard. The sign post I entered at translated to 'You are at the 45min wait point'. My interest soon faded, I sumimasen'd my way out of the line and proceeded to my train.


Little did I know I had missed the best and most popular Cheese Tart in Japan, fresh out of the oven...

Luckily for me and purely by coincidence, my mother-in-law also noticed the large line and had the patience to wait it out. She arrived home with the goods, 12 to be exact as that is the limit per each customer. Freshly baked, warm, and delicious.

Think in between a cheesecake, grilled cheese top, and fluffy inner. They were truely delicious and is now on my list of things to get when passing through Omiya Station.


Lumine Omiya ルミネ大宮店

〒330-0853 埼玉県さいたま市大宮区錦町630