Most people have discovered Bonobo in a unconventional way. My discovery was in the hospitality days, before Shazam and Spotify. Hearing a low-fi sound with epic vocals and mellow beats in a late-night bar. It played in my head for months before a bartender at Cookie - Melbourne by chance identified the artist for me, just by listening to me humming the beat. 

If was from there a strong appreciation for Simon Green's work was formed, and numerous albums were collected. 

The story of being able to see his live show is also years in the making, as attendance to each 3 year visit to Australia was interrupted by a birth or marriage etc in my family. But finally last night, the dates were locked in, the leave passes from the wives were given, and we descended on the Forum in Melbourne for the concert.

Bonobo's show was well orchestrated. Opening with tracks from his most recent album 'Migration', easing the crowd into the show with mellow beats and soul-shaking bass. 

As the tempo increased, classic beats from his previous albums 'The North Borders' & 'Black Sands' kept the crowd on a well balanced rollercoaster of Bonobo's best hits.

Simon Green wasn't alone on this tour with a 12 piece band further enhancing the electro jazz beats, and hair-raising vocals by Szjerdene Mulcare.

Overall the experience was amazing with the venue 'sold-out'. I'm glad Melbourne made it onto the extremely busy tour list of Bonobo. If you wonder which days Simon Green rests? its not many... with his complete Migration tour listed on his website here

★★★★★ - 5 Stars from me.

Bonobo - Live

The Forum, Melbourne Australia

Friday 21st, July 2017

Website - Bonobo