Those who know me know that I love my food. So what a treat it was when “indulging” in some cakes and breads at the Andersen Bakery in the Lumine Food Hall - Omiya - Japan, to discover not only an Australian product but a product from my hometown near Geelong – Camilo olive oil.


It’s funny when finding something from home in a foreign land; you almost become the ambassador as you expertly inform others how well you know the product.

I had no problems in insisting Japanese Mum & Dad to buy a few bottles as I use Camilo olive oils at home, especially their infused range, and will only use them. 

To give you a quick snapshot of the quality; Andersen Bakeries are one of the top bakeries in the world, even selling their raw dough mixtures to other bakeries. To have your product in their stores, front and centre, you have to meet their philosophy of being the finest in your game.

Visiting the Camilo website when I was showing my family, the ‘Awards’ page pretty much speaks for itself. The one that stood out for the perfection seeking locals, GOLD awards in Japan for 2014 & 2015, GO AUSTRALIA!

I am a big fan of their unique flavoured salts, especially the olive salt which contains Murray River salt, dried Kalamata olives, and a few other herbs & spices. Think a crusty piece of Italian style bread, dipped in some classic buttery olive oil and dusted with some olive salt… Bliss.

Unfortunately I didn’t see the salts at this particular bakery, but I now have Japanese family on the look-out each time they pass an Andersen Bakery.

I highly recommend those in Japan or at home to do yourselves a favour and try some.

Details on how / where to find the goods are on the Camilo website.


432 Bakers Lane, Teesdale, Victoria 3328 - Australia