After visiting the bonsai village and Bonsai Art Museum of Kita-Ku in Omiya, I decided to roam the streets in search of a quick snack. After reaching the railway crossing of Omiyakoen I spotted a beautiful cafe called Fukumaru Coffee (福丸珈琲).


As I entered into the cafe through the low door I was greeted with a waft of rich freshly brewed coffee. I could understand why I was standing shoulder to shoulder with all the locals.

The gentleman at the register (I assume to be the owner) greeted me and suggested I take a seat upstairs in the loft area. The older style building added to the character and charm of this fantastic establishment with lots of exposed timber beams, local artwork on the walls, and dimly lit table lamps in each corner.


The upstairs area boasted some communal tables and couches. I set in on the old leather lounge at the edge of the loft so I could continue to people watch.

As for the house blend coffee I ordered, long black of course, it was amazing. Deep, rich, hints of wood smoke from the roasting. I was very impressed as a majority of Japanese cafes have either automatic espresso machines or auto-filtered coffee. The 'Japanese Sweets' I ordered were also delicious. Read bean with Vanilla ice-cream and various sweet Japanese jelly textures drenched in a sweet honey / syrup. 

I easily spent a hour in the cafe, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the aromas of other tables enjoying lunch. 

On my way out I ordered 250g of the house blend to take home. At only 1300¥ I see that as great value for this roast. Superb.

I've completed a few searches to find more info on this establishment, but like most localised treasures in Japan they are usually hidden and spread by word-of-mouth.

I highly recommend a visit.


91-2 Bonsaicho, Kita Ward, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture