Hoshino hand-drip coffee

I was able to revisit one of my favourite coffee shops in the Saitama area. Although the building lacks character, with a confused menu, and thick cigarette smoke lingering over the Chesterfield lounges. This coffee shop serves a house blend roasted on-site, freshly ground and hand-dripped to order.  


The house blend comes in at only 320¥ a cup and the coffee is served black as it should be. The roast is med-dark with hints of charcoal and earth. So good I had to order two.  



It seems Hoshino has also started to do breakfasts, which is quite unique to the area. It's rare to see a food / coffee shop open before 10am.  

Souffle are a must, so we ordered and ate before I remembered to take a snap. We also ordered a white chocolate cream cake with a pastry base. Delicious.  I find the cakes in Japan to be moorish as they are not so sugar laden like home. 


A great coffee that will have me returning on my next visit. Just hope they open the windows next time to clear the smoke. 


1-1 Honmachihigashi, Chuo-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture