In a previous blog post, I talked about the pursuit of ramen perfection in Japan. The long hours and family secrets involved in creating Japan's favourite dish. Something that is very hard to replicate away from the homeland, with fake ramen stores destroying peoples first impressions.

I'm so happy to discover a ramen gem in Melbourne called Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, and they proudly serve authentic ramen!

As you take the steps down into the brightly lit basement, the smells of the bustling kitchen greet you as you take a seat. At the table, 2 pencils and a placemat that you can draw on are waiting. Which is kind of authentic in Japanese ramen stores as one doesn't want to invite stigma from verbally ordering a glut of food to the table. You simply work your way through the menu, ticking items to add / customise your ramen, then the waiter will collect the order.

I opted for the Original Tonkotsu ramen. One of my favourite styles of ramen. Think a rich, creamy, & hearty pork based broth with thin noodles. Garnished with green onions, bean shoots & dried seaweed. I secretly ticked the box that added slow cooked pork belly (instead of chashu pork), & the essential soft boiled egg. 

The service was attentive and speedy, with a busy venue on a Friday night. There were also plenty of additional items on the menu, of which I tried their Tori-Karaage. Think tender chicken thigh, marinated in a garlic, ginger, egg, & a potato flour coat. Then deep fried into crispy nuggets of goodness with the classic Kewpie mayonnaise to dip.

It was fantastic to slurp my way through the bowl while reminiscing of late nights in Tokyo.

I highly recommend a visit to this ramen den, to enjoy the authentic flavours of their Tonkotsu ramen. Its great to see a business showing a true dedication in keeping things authentic.

★★★★★ - 5 Stars for sure!


27 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000



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