Last week head office called for my attendance, which wasn't too bad as I get to spend a little time wandering my old turf in the CBD.

After the business had been completed I decided to visit a cafe I read about in one of my little coffee books on the shelf at home. In true Melbourne style I went for the laneway, warehouse, hipster type of haunt that is written about on multiple blogs by folks that know their coffee intimately.

KRIMPER cafe, you didn't disappoint.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.00.36 PM.jpg

Tucked on the backstreet of Guilford Lane in Melbourne's CBD, this little gem was my stop for the afternoon. I sat away in the corner and ordered a house blend long black. The decor inside features all the industrial warehouse classics with mismatched furniture and exposed beams to complete the rustic magazine like look. The service was very attentive and prompt, and I had my coffee in no time.

The coffee? Delicious... A rich roast by Proud Mary, with a perfectly layered espresso crema on top of the long black. They also have a range of filtered coffees and cold brew.

Whilst ordering my second coffee it was interesting to people watch, with a steady stream of city dwellers, office workers, and everyday people wandering the street, coming in and knocking back a few short blacks and a cake. Unfortunately I didn't order food this time as I was two coffees deep and didn't want to lose the buzz. 

I recommend dropping in and trying their goods, take the afternoon off though.


20 Guilford Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000