I’ve never been a fan of fashion items with big logos. I prefer to let the admirer of the product ask me about it, and happily I’ll provide the story about the piece.

Back four years ago I had to update the most important item I had, my wallet. This item was the gatekeeper of my finance, the archive of my cards, and my personality on canvas when at the register. I had a mission to upgrade, and upgrade I did. I went for a hand-stitched, cowhide, made in Japan masterpiece.

Fast-forward to my latest expedition to Japan, where I decided to visit again the birthplace of my previous treasured wallet, Lin-Ku.

I discovered Lin-Ku on the 6th floor of Marui Omiya (think department store then x10). The store layout offered the famed Japanese simplicity in design. The staff were enthusiastic to talk broken English. The products…. Premium Japanese quality.

The selection of hand-made leather goods was the winner for me. A range of simple and classic colours, cut and stitched into designer items with simple embossed branding. The quality of the leather is superior, with the staff explaining the simple care their products require as they are designed to age and soften with use.

I opted for the bespoke business card holder in a dark navy blue, featuring royal blue stitching, and a cream tan interior inside the fold. Lux.

Lin-Ku is definitely worth hunting down if you are in the market for a men’s bespoke leather accessory as they simply last and look better as they age.

As for my masterpiece wallet, I still use it as my daily.


〒330-0854 埼玉県さいたま市大宮区桜木町2-3 マルイ大宮店 6F