If you have ever walked through the South Melbourne markets or near Footscray station you may have heard rock-reggae style street music echoing across the pavement and through the stalls. Following the music, you would have seen a man dressed in shades of bright orange crafting the songs which seem to naturally blend into Melbourne’s streetscape.

Little do the new generations know, that the man sitting there on the box-crate was one of the most significant guitarists in Australian rock music during the 70’s, and a has had huge influence and involvement on a plethora of major artists throughout the 80’s – Y2K’s.

Throughout his whole musical career Ross Hannaford developed and excelled in his own musical pieces and recordings, with numerous albums released throughout the years that take listeners on multiple journeys of his exceptional guitar and vocal skills.

As I write this blog I do confess that Ross is my uncle. It’s always inspiring to have someone famous in the family and each year on our pre-christmas lunch I take a quick glace at the gold Aria hall-of-fame pyramid statue sitting casually on his record shelf.  

Without fail on each visit Ross generally parks himself on the couch under that shelf, humming and tapping his leg to the perpetual tunes running through his mind.

Ross has recently launched his new website along with his new album, and this needs a mention.

This recently released album ‘HANNA’ is the product of a lifetime mastering multiple genres in music, with this collection being deep guitar riffs journeying through loops of Reggae influenced melodies.

Ross’s hair-raising baritone captures the soul and give the songs focus as he delivers beautiful lyrics in short bursts, letting the music take you on an organic voyage through delightful sounds.

His new website allows visitors to listen to this album free of charge, with a simple online store for those who wish to own the real copy with free postage. The photography on the site really captures Ross in his element; instruments, influences, and art, all taken in his warehouse converted home in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

Those aware of Ross’s health understand he is going through a tough stage at the moment, and it is truly amazing that Ross has continued to give live performances on several recent occasions showing that music is truely embedded into his soul.

I send many thoughts to Ross and I hope his music and new website is experienced by many.


Photography: © Mark Hatton 2016