Let's take a moment for some self-promotion...

A close friend and myself have put in some serious late night hours to create a new online store selling uniquely designed dapper socks.

Sirsock's online store is able to ship worldwide, enabling gentlemen across the globe to look and feel like true Mad-Men. (Que the Mad-Men violins)

At this stage the store is LIVE and in English, but over the coming week a more customised store will be integrated. This will provide a smoother shopping experience for our new and existing Japanese customers. Arigato.

The socks themselves are pure quality, with countless hours of field-testing different ranges and suppliers to make sure we can sell the best in the market. We eventually selected combed-cotton for the Lux feel, along with a hand-stitched toe so they not only look dapper but have the durability for everyday use.

Its a proud moment to roll our hard work out into the market, make sure you have a little peek.


Dapper Mens Socks