With new additions of socks to add to the range, a photoshoot was in order! 

I decided to use the Melbourne CBD as the backdrop, choosing some iconic locations and taking photos to blur the tourist happy snaps out of them.

The range was Autumn - Winter and it true Melbourne style.... Sunny and 28c degrees. 

Photoshoots for socks usually consist of feet, in all different poses and angles. This time I was lucky to have a model that was willing to try some new poses, with the challenge of not taking too much attention from the socks.

Adjusting the filters for the sunny day we had, I tried to incorporate lots of blues, greys, and shadow. Trying to give a hit of season change. It was also my first time using a sun reflector, which was a great idea due to most of the alley ways we shot it were so dark.

Overall a great shoot using the Nikon d750, Sigma 50mm, & a sun reflector. Additional shots can be seen on the dedicated gallery of this website by clicking here

Also make sure to check out the new range at

- TA