A family member convinced me to download another app for my iPhone before my last journey to Japan. He mentioned its one of the best photography programs he has used.

The app is called VSCO and is free to download on the Australian Apple Store. Possibly free on other world stores as well. The app looks like your everyday smartphone camera, but the horsepower comes from VSCO's intimate knowledge of photography. They have very expensive programs and plugins for computers & mac. 

Image by   Nariaki Matsuura

When I was searching for inspiration before taking my own camera into the Japanese streets, I made sure to visit the Tokyo section of VSCO. This is where users of the VSCO app upload their photos, mostly all taken on iPhones which is truely amazing.

The VSCO website also has a large range of other subjects, so a simple search can lead you to a gallery of stunning images from around the world.

Image by  Gus Lacson

Image by Gus Lacson

Quite a few photos I have uploaded in my latest round of travel were taken with an iPhone and tweaked using VSCO, see if you can spot them. 

I also recommend taking a look at the Tokyo gallery link posted below.

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